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Tuesday Talks With Shawnee Alliance Church

Jun 22, 2021

Josh, Bridgett and Sarah share a conversation about how to talk about sex and sexual boundaries with your partner. 


1. Where are we at in our relationship?

Check out the Intimacy Ladder video to help you figure out what stage of relationship you are in.

2. Is there enough trust for this type of physical intimacy? Is this the right time?

3. What are our boundaries around kissing, snuggling, back rubs, butt taps, location boundaries and kissing curfew.

You and your partner need to be having frequent conversations around physical intimacy. Not just a one time DTR. It is a great idea to talk about it before you introduce a new level of intimacy. 

4. What types of physical connection have created safety for you so far in our relationship? Has there been anything you have been uncomfortable with?

5. What is our plan for responding to feeling disconnected outside of physical experiences?

6. Does our PDA create an environment of honor, safety and peace for those around me?


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