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Tuesday Talks With Shawnee Alliance Church

Jan 14, 2020

Join us today as Bridgett Blood interviews Amy Davis Abdallah to discuss what it means to embrace healthy femininity and live out Christian Womanhood. 

Dr. Amy Davis Abdallah is Professor of Theology and Bible at Nyack College and also teaches Worship at Alliance Theological Seminary. She preaches and teaches for churches, conferences, and other ministries in the United States and internationally. She also encourages Christian women to expand the Kingdom of God through the educational program Empower as well as WOMAN a rite of passage for Nyack College Seniors.

She is the author of The Book of Womanhood, and her writing has been featured by Christianity Today, CBE International, Redbud Writers Guild and Missio Alliance. You can read her article on modesty here. Amy loves to exercise, take photos, climb mountains, adventure with her husband and sons, learn languages, and enjoy the beach. Find her on the web at and on twitter @amyfdavisa